Statement on David Catania Remarks

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September 7, 2011 (202) 253-1830 cell


WASHINGTON, DC – Following the remarks of Councilman David Catania insulting many of his constituents and likely now-former supporters, DC Log Cabin President Robert Turner II released the following statement:

“Last week, Councilman David Catania was quoted in a Washington Post article about a recent report distributed by the DC Republican Party detailing potential violations of campaign finance rules in connection with the constituent services funds of various councilmembers, in which he said, ‘there doesn’t appear to be any Republican Party in the District outside of Georgetown.’ As a former Republican, Mr. Catania must know that Republicans, while few in the District, are spread all over this city. We are a cross-section of our communities, being of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and economic status. To insinuate otherwise is simply ignorant.

“Catania could not have won his first election as a Republican At-Large City Councilman if the Republicans were limited to Georgetown; it was thanks to the support of many Republicans across the city that he beat Arrington Dixon. He won our support because he campaigned to stand up to corruption and business as usual. We must now ask if he’s at home with ‘constituent services’ funds that are effectively slush funds for well-connected insiders. Has the former paladin of good government sold out?”

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Washington Post Editorial

Below is a great WaPo editorial that was published today on our four candidates running for City Council.

RESIDENTS of the District know better than anyone the indignity of being denied choice in government. It’s important, then, that voters not give short shrift to next month’s general election. There are still significant offices to be decided, and the local Republican Party, for the first time in recent memory, is competing with an interesting slate of candidates.

We are not yet prepared to endorse individual candidates. But it’s important to call attention to the fact that, as critical as the September party primaries were in this Democratic-dominated city, voters do themselves and the District a disservice by not weighing all the alternatives available to them on Nov. 2. Single-party rule is never healthy, and GOP officials deserve credit for this year’s imaginative efforts to build a stronger party.

While not fielding candidates for the citywide races of mayor, D.C. Council chairman or at-large council seats, the local GOP recruited candidates to run in all four city wards on this year’s ballot. The group — Marc Morgan in Ward 1, David Hedgepeth in Ward 3, Timothy Day in Ward 5 and Jim DeMartino in Ward 6 — present themselves as urban Republicans: conservative on fiscal issues and progressive on social issues such as gay rights. [more]