DC Log Cabin Opposes ‘Prostitution Free Zones’ Bill

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DC Log Cabin Opposes ‘Prostitution Free Zones’ Bill

WASHINGTON, DC –WASHINGTON, DC – The DC Chapter of Log Cabin Republicans issued the following statement in opposition to a bill recently introduced by Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander entitled the Prostitution Free Zone Amendment Act of 2011.

“The simple idea of a prostitution-free zone creates the illusion that there are areas within the District where prostitution is allowed in some legal fashion,” said DC Log Cabin President Robert Turner II.  “While we concur with groups such as the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance in calling on the D.C. Council to defeat the bill, our reasoning is much different.

“This is not a bill to curb prostitution.  If it were, it would target larger areas than ones often populated by loitering offenders.  This is an election year gimmick by a councilmember who for the last three years has proven indifferent to the needs of her constituents in Ward 7.  Prostitution is illegal in every square inch of the District.  I guess Ms. Alexander wants to make certain areas ‘super-duper illegal,’” Turner concluded.

Log Cabin Republicans is a national organization started in 1977, with state and local chapters nationwide, which believes in low taxes, limited government, strong defense, free markets, personal responsibility, and individual liberty.  Log Cabin Republicans educates our party about why inclusion wins and that opposing gay and lesbian equality is inconsistent with the GOP’s core principles of smaller government and personal freedom.  The DC Chapter holds monthly meetings, supports inclusive local Republican candidates, and sponsors monthly social gatherings.  For more information, please visit www.dclogcabin.org.

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