Commentary & Op-Eds


April 5, 2012 Washington Blade Parallels between GOP and LGBT rights movement
March 14, 2012 Washington Blade How liberal media bias can hurt gays
February 8, 2012 Washington Blade Don’t tax me, bro!


December 12, 2011 Washington Blade Fight the urge to caricature your opponents
November 18, 2011 Washington Blade How Does it Get Better
October 28, 2011 Washington Blade Homophobia is a problem for both parties
October 13, 2011 Washington Blade New RNC Chair is becoming voice for inclusion
October 6, 2011 Washington Blade Santorum’s shameful display of homophobia
June 23, 2011 Washington Blade Gay left’s obsession with race
June 17, 2011 Washington Blade Why you should vote for Patrick Mara
June 1, 2011 Washington Blade No pro-choice litmus test for Victory Fund
April 27, 2011 Washington Blade Maryland moving toward equality
March 24, 2011 Washington Blade Continuing the fight for education reform


December 9, 2010 Washington Blade I can see repeal from my front porch
October 28, 2010 Washington Blade Winning in politics is a two-party fight
July 15, 2010 Washington Blade Ain’t I an American?
May 20, 2010 Washington Blade Bill Maher’s racist Obama remark goes unnoticed
March 30, 2010 Washington Blade My date with Meghan McCain
February 25, 2010 Washington Blade A kinder, gentler GOP?
January 14, 2010 Washington Blade More Democratic disappointments

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