February Candidate Meet & Mingle and Chapter Endorsements

February Candidate Meet & Mingle and Chapter Endorsement Meeting
February 17, 2016
Camden Roosevelt Apartments (2101 16th Street NW)

The first two presidential primaries are behind us, and the next set are just days away. But the next White House occupant isn’t the only position we need to fill. Right here in the District of Columbia, the Chapter will hear from two candidates to represent the DC GOP to the Republican National Committee – Jill Homan and Bob Kabel – and a great pick for a DC at-large council seat in Dave Oberting.

But that’s not all! Six members of the Chapter are running to be delegates from the District to the Republican National Convention, where they will participate in the process to officially determine the GOP nominee who will replace Barack Obama and start putting this country back on the right track. Those members are:

Chris Allen, Chapter President
Gregory Angelo, National President
Joe Brooman
Stephen Jordan
Rick Oettinger
Justin Kingsolver

Come meet, drink, and mingle with these nine promising candidates who have earned unanimous endorsements from the Chapter Board of Directors and wish to earn your endorsement as well!

We look forward to seeing you!
2-17-16_LCR MTG Flyer

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