Letter to National Board

Dear National Board Members:

On behalf of your DC Chapter, I would like to offer you a sense of our membership.

After a lengthy, wide-ranging, and honest discussion, our members voted overwhelmingly to encourage you to endorse the Romney-Ryan ticket.  However, the remaining few, as well as some members of the majority, expressed legitimate concerns as to the anti-gay positions the candidates have assumed on certain issues of significance to our community generally, and gay Republicans specifically.  We realize that you are aware of these issues and assume that these will be a part of your discussion as you decide the endorsement question.

If you favor our recommendation, we ask that you accompany an endorsement with a qualifier noting the significant differences we have with the ticket on some social and civil liberty issues and an expression of Log Cabin’s intention of continuing to vigorously encourage the ticket and the Party to revise their positions to more directly reflect the true values of our Grand Old Party.  We also feel that our national Executive Director, who we firmly stand behind, as well as other ambassadors of the organization, should seek a private meeting with the Governor, much in the way the Austin-12 did with George W. Bush in 2000 in order to create a dialogue about our issues outside of the spotlight of the media.

Finally, please be assured that our members firmly support the election of Governor Romney over President Obama, because of his outstanding fiscal and foreign relations policies and his efforts to reduce the size of government.  We will work as hard as we can to support his election and are confident that he and the Party will continue to at least receive with an open mind our input on those topics on which we have agreed to disagree.

We look forward to hearing your decision and working to elect inclusive Republicans in November.

Robert Turner II
DC Log Cabin Republicans

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