GOProud? GOShame!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Robert Turner
December 8, 2011 (202) 253-1830 cell

GOProud? GOShame!

WASHINGTON, DC – GOProud has just outed pollster Tony Fabrizio. “It is possible to disagree vigorously but respectfully with other people,” said DC Log Cabin President Robert Turner.  “GOProud has disgraced itself in attacking Mr. Fabrizio.  Log Cabin Republicans are against outing, especially for staffers, who have limited if any control over the politicians they work for.”

GOProud has used Twitter to out someone with whom they disagree.  Log Cabin Republicans also disagreed with the Perry ad, but the national office had the backbone to issue an honest press release and list what they disagreed with.  GOProud, by contrast, dribbled out a person’s private life through tweets.  Worse, given that we don’t know the internal workings of the Perry campaign, we don’t know what connection, if any, Mr. Fabrizio had with the noxious ad.  For GOProud to use a person’s sexual orientation against him in such murky circumstances tells us everything we need to know about how much honor they have: none.  GOProud? GOShame!”

Log Cabin Republicans is a national organization started in 1977 that believes in low taxes, limited government, strong defense, free markets, personal responsibility, and individual liberty.  The DC Chapter holds monthly meetings, supports local Republican candidates and sponsors monthly social gatherings.  For more information, please visit

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8 Responses to GOProud? GOShame!

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  5. Christopher Centanni says:

    So you are going to attack GOProud as the solution with GOShame? Not the answer. We do not need another war within America especially in the gay community. I think you should be ashamed and re-track this statement. Tony Fabrizio should not be in Perry’s camp just to score a buck on the gay community’s behave. Further, Rick Perry will never be our POTUS. PERIOD!

  6. Sorry, I disagree with the LogCabin. Mr Perry, is the modern day Joe Mccarthy and Tony Fabrizio is Roy Cohn- SWINE. Mr Fabrizio is persona non grata. He contributes the flames of hate, and contributes the demonizing of gay people.
    How can Log Cabin Republicans tolerate this laying down?? Did you not see the ad??

  7. Simon Martin says:

    We should vigorously and fully out ANY gay or lesbian person who is working to assist those who actively seek to oppress us — not doing so is damaging to our community’s health and the well being of those of us who are most vulnerable.

    Not to mention that it sends a horrifying message to our children that can’t be explained.

    To criticize GoProud for their actions is WRONG.

  8. Hubbard says:

    The National Log Cabin office did indeed see the ad and condemned it here:

    The issue at stake in DC Log Cabin press release is the outing of a staffer that GOProud did. Attacking people because of their sexual orientation is a dangerous door to open. To spell it out, we don’t think people’s sexual orientation should be an issue used against them, whatever their opinions. Barney Frank, to pick one example, is someone we frequently disagree with, but he isn’t wrong because he’s gay but rather because his ideas are warmed over Marxism. Log Cabin has condemned the Perry ad on the grounds that it’s a unhealthy mix of theology and politics. GOProud threw a temper tantrum and outed a staffer–something they claim to oppose doing–and now they’re throwing another tantrum about being called out.

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