New RNC Chair is becoming voice for inclusion

Below is the latest op-ed from DC LCR Chapter President Robert Turner II in the Washington Blade.


Last week in Forbes magazine, Reince Priebus, chair of the Republican National Committee, wrote that young voters deserve better. We’ll take that one giant leap forward: all Americans deserve better.

Chairman Priebus talks about our growing national debt and high unemployment. He makes a strong case, focusing on a clear message of jobs, pro-growth policies and a 2012 campaign that capitalizes on the technology and networks that reach younger voters.

What Priebus doesn’t say is conspicuous by its absence. The 2012 campaign is about the economy, creating jobs and rejecting Obama’s failed policies. Nowhere does the chairman mention the social issues that many polls show turn off moderates, independents and voters under 40, and for good reason. The GOP can win younger voters in 2012. We absolutely can take back the White House — but we won’t do it unless we stay focused on the issues that unite us as Republicans and as Americans. [more…]


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